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I was born and raised in Mexico, but I have lived in California for over half my life, near the techno-cultural vortex that is the Sillycon Valley.  I could not say any longer that I am a Mexican—for my direct participation in this culture now has the added hurdle of a geographic distance.  At the same time I will always be an “alien” here in the United States of America.  This dichotomy has undeniably marked my life with experiences that have made me a sort of hybrid, which could function well on either side of the border and interact well with these countries' various cultures.  I no longer belong to one single culture but to many, and my migratory experiences along with my hybridity inform and yield my prose and poetry. I write as an internal imperative and not merely as a choice.

My undergraduate education in Spanish and Latin American literatures and cultures gave me an opportunity to revisit and rediscover my formative literary roots, and then my love for books prompted me to become an academic librarian.  Life has been both interesting and rewarding working in an academic library, and I have been delighted and enlightened by all that goes on in this particular cradle of science, thought and opinion.  I also enjoy translation and interpretation, both of which I do occasionally as a volunteer or paid.

I have also studied typography and graphic arts at Studio 1801 in Foothill College, at the San Francisco Center for the Book, and at the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley. And due to this passion for typography, I founded the Ink and Text Press, for which I bought a couple of presses where I print wood and linocuts, poems and other short texts, booklets, brochures, posters and other projects. I also enjoy capturing images through photography, as well as the interpretation of traditional Mexican music, and sometimes painting, some of which I will share here some time.